Call It What You Want​-​EP

by Subject to Change

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We've been working on this for a while now, enjoy.


released June 10, 2016

Vocals-Bailey Alley
Guitars-Caleb Buehner
Drums-Danny Cutchin
Bass-Ethan Justice
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Gorham and Ross Black



all rights reserved


Subject to Change Greensboro, North Carolina

A band from Greensboro, NC.
Caleb Buehner-Guitar
Danny Cutchin-Drums
Bailey Alley-Vocals
Ethan Justice-Bass

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Track Name: Mislead
Have you been here before
always wanting more
keeping away from the circles
I paced on the floor
Fill my mind with doubt
until theres no way out
and I just don't know how
I can't stop chasing now

Watch the time go
but still staying hopeful
realizing everything
that I dont know
breaking off
what I built up
Im just in too deep
and now Im stuck

Forgeting's not that easy
Ive been away for safe keeping
when on your land
you mislead me
but I haven't really cared about it
too much lately

Over again
don't call me your friend

thats what I've always meant to say
but you've never had that time for me

Seeing through this
crowded room
all of the poeple I thought I knew
places like this
you were always obsessed
I was never about it
always getting upset

Tired of living
long nights with no sleep
tired of wearing
that smile we know is fake
Track Name: Call It What You Want
Starting to think and look back
Outside the lines that you've set
Back and forth it's so confusing
Don't know if I'll win or lose it
Don't come back until the days gone
Stop searching up all night long
Would say that you are right
But I'd be dead wrong

Falling over what I can't see
So take what you need
I'll stick with nothing
It's hard to believe
But this is what I see

Stressing over things like
Who you've been around lately I'm
So fed up with pointless hoping
Along with writing just to show the
Reasons that I put these words down
It's too late to try and show how
Le'ts just stop
Forget about this
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
Watch and wait for the countdown
3 2 1
I never knew why
I always felt so distant at times
So I guess I'll live and forget
Try my best just not to force it
Calm down and let this fall in
Track Name: All Things Between
Leave me alone
It's kinda nice to call home
Stick around for 3 more months then try and
Get myself undone from the mess
That I'm left with said I knew better after all those chances
Didn't work out the way I was hoping
Just another page in your unfinished story so
I'll try to stop complaining
It never got me anywhere but this situation

What do you know about anything
Pull me back try to take again
What you stole from me
Lately I've been feeling less patient
With everything
It must just be the difference and all things between

The future scares me
When they all go away but what's left of me
Don't wanna be doing the same thing
Living the same way
Not being who you want me to be

Stop pretending
Where have you been lately
I've been thinking
Try to speak then
Realize there is
No one listening
Build new bridges
Get new reasons
Make something of
What I'm living
Track Name: Change Never Changes
Go play those stupid games with somebody else
Running back and forth until you're out of breath and call for help
Testing me
So pressuring
I'm just hoping for the day that you will see

Trying to forget this
Never seemed to like it
I'm losing all my progress
But some things are different
and change never changes
so why am i waiting
some things never happen

Hold my tongue
That I might regress
Bite down hard
Let my teeth sink in
Feels like my bones have been breaking
Need some time
Space for healing
I know what you wanted
Can we stay on topic
To think that I was like that
But my worries died down
Just like the thing that
Held me and you bound
But I'm turning around
And starting over

Trying to forget this
Never seemed to like it
I'm losing all my progress
But some things are different
and change never changes
so why am i waiting
some things never happen
Why are you waiting
What are you chasing
Always taking chances
And your absence is what I'm left it
I can't wall the same path
I'm just hoping
I won't find my way back